The Team

Erica Toler

Vice President of Operations

Erica Toler discovered her passion for campaigns in college, volunteering with the Smith College Democrats and organizing for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. Erica continued to serve in the field departments of the Richardson for President Campaign in Iowa from 2007-2008 and Sen. Tom Udall’s 2008 campaign in New Mexico.

From 2009 to 2013, Erica worked at the League of Conservation Voters in multiple capacities, including managing the organization’s endorsement process and PAC strategy, supporting state partners in advocacy and electoral programs and coordinating large-scale civic engagement and voter turnout programs.

In 2014, Erica served as the Field Director for U.S. Senator Brian Schatz’s successful Democratic primary election campaign; the campaign was named “Best Bare-Knuckled Street Fight Victory” by Campaigns & Elections magazine. She then served as the Political Director for the Change Campaign Super PAC, managing operations for a multimillion-dollar program aimed at electing reform candidates to Congress.